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Hypnotherapy Can Help The Following Dental Issues


Dental Anxiety/ Phobias

Hypnotherapy Can Help Make The Dental Visit A Calm And Relaxed Experience. 

In the UK moderate dental anxiety affects about 1 in 3 people and severe dental anxiety affects 1 in 10 people.  Dental anxiety may prevent you visiting the dentist routinely or prevent the completion of regular dental care.  Routine dental visits are  important so that:

 Tooth decay is treated in the early stages to prevent pain and early loss of the teeth

Healthy gums are maintained to  prevent serious gum disease and mobile teeth

Oral Cancer is detected at an early stage and hence the prognosis is improved 

Hypnotherapy Can Help Make The Dental Visit A Positive Experience By Helping You To Remove Negative Dental Thought Patterns.

 Dental Anxiety can occur for a number of reasons including:

A bad experience as a child

A specific dental anxiety: The  needle/ sound of the drill

An unpleasant dental experience as an adult: A traumatic extraction/ painful filling

The anticipation of pain for example when having a tooth drilled

Feeling a sense of “loss of control” whilst having dental treatment

Embrace A New Positive Dental Experience With Hypnotherapy

Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Hypnotherapy Can Help With Stress Management Techniques And Breaking The Habitual Cycle

Teeth grinding is often caused by stress and over time grinding becomes a subconscious habit.  Grinding often occurs at night and some clients wake up during sleep because of this unpleasant habit.

Teeth grinding can cause the following:

Pain and clicking in the jaw joints

Muscle tenderness 

Facial pain

Limited mouth opening


Disturbed sleep

Tooth sensitivity 

Fractured teeth/fillings



If you suffer from teeth  grinding your dentist may provide you with a plastic mouth guard that you wear at night to help alleviate symptoms.  Hypnotherapy works differently by dealing with the underlying stress/ habit issue.

AStrong Gag Reflex

The gag reflex is an important protective automatic response used to prevent non food/ fluids  passing into the throat area.  This reflex occurs when the soft plate, posterior tongue and throat area is stimulated. 

Hypnotherapy Can Help By Relaxing The Gag Reflex At The Dentist And Promoting Feelings Of Relaxation And Calm

 For clients with a strong gag reflex routine dental work can be difficult.  Clients may experience:

Difficulty brushing the posterior teeth, resulting in plaque accumulation and gum disease

Continual stop/ starting when having routine dental treatment, prolonging the dental visit

Feelings of panic when gagging occurs

Difficulty with radiograph ( x – ray)  taking

Embarrassing retching noises when taking impressions for crowns or bridges

Avoiding dental treatment which causes gagging  e.g a new denture

As A Dentist/ Therapist I Am Well Qualified To Deal With A Number Of Dental Issues.  Contact Today And Look After Your Oral Health Today!


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