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I Would Like To Book An Appointment- What Is The Next Step?

 Telephone Contact

The first step is a brief telephone chat.  Please make contact via mobile: 07414879949 email: or by using the contact form at the bottom of the page.  I will then arrange to call you at a convenient time to gather some basic information about your presenting issue.  The theraputic relationship between the client and therapist is very important to the success of therapy.  At the telephone consultation you can decide if I am the right therapist for you. 

Inital Consultation

If you decide you want to book in for an initial consultation then we can arrange a day and time which is convenient for you.  The consultation will be charged at £50.00.  At the initial consultation we will have a more detailed chat about your particular issue.   This is probably the most important part of therapy- getting to the heart of the issue.  I also tend to do a brief relaxation session at the end of the consultation

Treatment Sessions

The number of further treatment sessions will depend on the issue and we will discuss this at the initial consultation.  All further sessions will be 1 hour long and be charged at £50.00.  Ideally there should be 1 week in between appointments.    As a general guideline, the following sessions apply:

  • Anxiety/ Stress Managment 4-8 sessions
  • Fear of flying/ driving test nerves/ examination nerves 3-6 sessions
  • Phobias 3-6 sessions
  • Panic Attacks 4-6 sessions
  • Hypnoanalysis 10-12 sessions
  • Quit Smoking 1 session- This is 1 hour 30 min session priced at £125.00
  • Weight Loss 4 sessions

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